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Queen Moremi the Musical is a revolutionary show as it has surpassed just being a form of entertainment but a key awareness to the present conversation about feminism and women leadership.

The musical retells the story of Olori Moremi, who lived in the 12th century and was married to the then king of Ile Ife, a kingdom that is said to have been at war with an adjoining tribe who were known to them as the Forest people (Ìgbò in the Yoruba language, though the said tribe is believed by scholars to have had no relation to the contemporary Ìgbòs of modern Nigeria).

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Having conquered the realm of filmmaking, the prolific Kunle Afolayan is broadening his horizon, making a mark in Fashion with the launch of his clothing line called Ire Clothing where he's also the creative director of the line.

Kunle's indigenousness is one that has been evident as you would tell from it's portrayal in his movies. Ire Clothing initially designed the unisex baggy-esque "Kunle Kembe" locally sourced from fabrics like Ankara and Adire (tie & die).Recently at Africa Fashion Week Nigeria, Kunle Afolayan introduced the Kunle Dashiki and Ire T-shirts which can either be worn on the Kembe or can be freestyled. The outfits were modelled by the likes of Caroline Ekanem, Demola Adedoyin and Tobi Bakre.

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APHIA SAKYI is a fashion brand in Ghana , started in 2014 with no training and a little idea in jewelry making. Pieces are uniquely designed with African prints and beads , a bit of of vintage quality but modernising in a unique way drawing inspiration from nature and fashion trends , designed for the BOLD and daring .

APHIA SAKYI has been worn by various international celebrities including Janet Jackson, Ciara, Tiffany Haddish, amongst others.

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Launched in London in 2011, Vanessa Gounden is a luxury womenswear brand, with Vanessa herself as Creative Director and the inspiration behind the brand’s artistry. Sold worldwide, Vanessa Gounden will open its first flagship store in the United Kingdom in Spring 2015, located in the heart of London’s Mayfair district.

Vanessa’s signature style combines bold prints and patterns with innovative tailoring techniques, such as 3D layering. Her work is handcrafted in the finest luxurious fabrics and

embellished with hand painted buttons, beading and embroidery.

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SOBOYE is an Afro-Lux Brand representing African Luxury; exceptional Fashion & Lifestyle design from the African Diaspora perspective. SOBOYE is about showcasing products that are craft based with most of our brands have an element of being hand-made; that are directional, beautiful and are of exceptional quality.

The brand is a head to toe, body, soul lifestyle brand inspired by our multiculturalism.




Paramole Omotayo is an artist, and the creative Director of TESMI by Paramole. He loves telling the African stories through his craft, and he is the winner of Vlisco Fashion Fund 2018.

Vlisco has been producing their wax-printed fabrics specifically for the West African Community for over 150 Years. Continuous investment in the creation of original and exciting designs has fuelled Vlisco's phenomenal growth and ensured Vlisco's enviable position as the undisputed leader and trendsetter for West African Prints.

IG: @tesmi_ & @vlisco

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Onyx by Valentina is a female clothing brand that brings art to live through their handmade embellished pieces. Garments are adorned in one of a kind embellishment that makes them timeless, attractive and extraordinary.



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Muhire could be best described as a fusion between European influences, master craft and African culture and tribal aesthetics. The silhouettes celebrate contradictions and similarities between the past and the future and the strength of Fashion crossbreeding. The intention to create her own brand was mostly to co-create quality and unique items with Belgian and Romanian artisans who have mastered their craft for generations.

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O’Saunders is a fashion brand which completely represents the ideology of modern day woman taste in fashion. The brand started in 2010 by Olabisi Saunders, a fashion graduate with the aim of providing uniquely crafted garments and accessories which give a sense of confidence, luxury, modernity and functionality to women of different sizes and colour. The O’Saunders brand provides both ready to wear and High-end dresses to complement the modern day woman.

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Ile Moremi is an indigenous brand that was created to empower african women. The brand specializes in the use of Ankara prints and African tie and dye (Adire), to create timeless pieces that can be worn by women of all age groups and status.

The brand has been worn by notable personalities like Mrs Olufunsho Amosun (former First Lady of Ogun State), Princess Ronke Ademiluyi (Founder of AFWL/AFWN), BamBam of Big Brother Naija, Etinosa and many more.

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George Amua’s brand commenced in the year 2011 as ‘Dirtyfeet’. He designed affordable yet trendy bags, shoes and shirts. As the years grew, his love for bags became greater as many designers were into clothes. He then decided to re-brand into something special, hence “George Amua.” The brand was named after his grandfather who some years ago toiled tirelessly for his dream and family. Presently he specializes in bags only. These bags could pass for a quick weekend getaway with friends or family, an every day work or school bag and oh can definitely pass as the ultimate gift to that special someone.

IG: @georgeamua

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SistaByEyoro is a ready-to-wear fashion company, established in 2017. Based in Abuja. Sista by Eyoro is founded on the principle of creating pieces based on the freedom of being true to self and thereby finding happiness in your very own style.

IG: @sistabyeyoro

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Thelma Oki Signature is a plus size fashion brand dedicated to bringing our the beauty ,confidence & style in boldness.


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Actress Rose Wilson Turns recycled and re-used into wearable urban street Couture. ‘A World Without Borders’ personifies social inclusions beyond culture, race, sexuality, political unrest providing equal opportunity and placing values in differences regardless of age, race, title, gender, class, sexual orientation, disability and religion. Teaming up with Rose Wilson this year will be African Shoe designer Kitukaliuk and the talented Karen Messam BBC MUA.


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Mary Martin London, is an eccentric, dynamic and inspirational person, she is infectious and absolutely adorable. Mary Martin London, delivers motivational speeches to young and up-coming fashion designers and is able to share her

story of how she started life in the music industry and made the transition to quintessential fashion design.

IG: @marymartinlondon

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Becca Apparel is a fashion label, established in 2015. The brand focuses on combining African prints with contemporary trends, to create a unique style for women for all occasions. Our designs are inspired by the dynamism of African culture and the emerging trend of a mixture of contemporary western designs with African undertone.

IG: @beccaapparel

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Safiétou Seck, a fashion designer and entrepreneur from Dakar, Senegal created SARAYAA, a clothing line for women in 2015. She describes her designs as being a mix of traditional African and modern fashion. One of her objectives is to showcase unknown handwoven fabrics from countries such as Senegal, Burkina Faso and Mali and to recognize the women and men who patiently weave these beautiful pieces.



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SHERAH (the phonetic spelling of the Twi word for “bless”) was launched in 2018 and has been producing a versatile range of apparel. From men to women and children of all ages and calibre, SHERAH has a vast array of clothing and accessories to meet their diverse needs, budgets and preferences. The designs are all-embracing, with everyday wear alongside bridal and swimwear.

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Fashion Cante was created in 2013. In 2015 received the Award for Best African Designer from UMOA, Best Guinea-Bissau designer in Portugal in 2018.

Represented Guinea-Bissau in African Fashion week in Ghana, Gambia, Conacre fashion festival, in Hamburg and Luxembourg International Festival of Fashion Africa, and in Morocco in 2018.

His collection has been used to dress Miss Guinea-Bissau Portugal, Luxembourg and Miss Universe in Guinea-Bissau.

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Hybrid Fashionista is a UK based fashion brand which was established in 2017, and a sister-brand of Royal Head wraps.

IG: @hybridfashionista

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Eden Nash is a fashion brand in Ghana, which is located in the west African continent. It was founded by Robert Baidoo in the year 1969. He was a great designer who was able to create all kinds of designs with African fabrics for all occasions that meets the satisfaction of his customers in Ghana and other countries.

IG: @edennashfashion

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IG: @houseoftommie

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EddyBOND international (edi) is a clothing line that offers an eclectic mix of styles with a multi-cultural appeal in the UK and Europe. It is basically a blend between the African fashion/culture and the contemporary fashion of the western world. Using a mix of fabrics and styles, our work showcases a blend between varying range to include off-the-rack casuals and special occasion collections. Our designs are continuously updated to meet evolving fashion trends and customer needs observed from research and feedback from our market.

IG: @eddybondit

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Liz John Black fashion brand is constantly growing by paying attention to style needs of all its clients, to mention a few ; Annie Idibia, Ini Edo, Samantha Walsh, and so on. The brand is presently focused on couture, and working on ready to wear.

IG: @lizjohnblackfashion

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The Creative Director, Johanna started her fashion activities at a very early age since she was 12 years old. Even though she was still a student back then, she was doing sewing as a business to financially help her mother. She was later employed with the Ministry of Education, and soon after got her own workshop whereby she was doing her sewing business after her working hours so to earn some extra money. Johanna quit Teaching later to establish herself in the fashion business, with the aim of bringing her clothing line on an international level with a vision to promote Seychelles worldwide

IG: @katiti_seychelles_sc

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Cute-Saint is the brainchild of a Lagos based Fashion Stylist/Fashion Editor turned Designer, Femi Ajose. It was created with the view of creating locally produced garments of high standard, that is of international match and can serve every wardrobe needs. Designs are carefully crafted and tailored by professionals, with great attention to detailing.

Cute-Saint produces highly eclectic designs that can fit in every aspect of our lifestyle. From work to leisure and urban street styles.


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It’s geared towards making everyday lifestyle a classy one by producing exquisite contemporary designs for all manner of persons; from the young to the old of both genders to meet and suit each person’s taste.

IG: @garypieonline

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Vedil Clothing is a brand that seeks to provide a hub for creatives and artisans who enjoy working as a team or are on the journey of self discovery in the fashion industry. Part of our vision here is to creatively and passionately assess our talents to bring to you designs that are timeless, unique and effortlessly elegant – designing and producing wears that meet our client’s preference; irrespective of gender and personal style.

IG: @vedilclothing

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The direct translation of the word “Zulu” means Heaven. Urban Zulu embodies the ideal of the Urban Heaven. Inspired by the spiritual, connected to the beauty and texture of the physical, Urban Zulu clothing reflects the balance between art and practical functionality. The “Urban” element of the brand speaks to the fast paced lifestyle demands of modern living.

IG: @urbanzulusa

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ROAR CLOTHING is an African brand of quality clothing. We offer products that combine stylish and modern character with authentical African fabrics. Our raw materials, especially tinted fabrics (Batik), are an important aspect of our creations. Our creations are declined in several collections with a urban look and relaxed according to the tendencies.

IG: @roarclothingline

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