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Inagbe Grand Resorts

 …before ground breaking in August 2013, this tourist landmark was a jungle and has experienced rapid transformation in less than 15 months. The resort is on well over 3 million square meter land and 30% of this land mass has been completed and fully operational. Gran Imperio redefines construction of this showpiece resort with almost 100% local materials. Inagbe Grand Resorts is a first of its kind R & R centre and will soon be the number 1 destination resort in West Africa, providing recreational facilities, floating events lounge, private beach area, sports village, conference centres etc. to make it a defining feature of Lagos and Nigeria as a whole.

Inagbe Grand Resorts & Leisure is a first of its kind resort developed by Gran Imperio Resorts Ltd (a subsidiary of Gran Imperio Group, a formidable real estate development consortium).

Set on the tranquil banks of the magnificent Lagos Lagoon and the Atlantic Ocean, this showpiece resort captures the essence of nature, culture and tradition as Gran Imperio Resorts redefines construction with almost 100% local materials to achieve the formation of Inagbe Grand Resorts.