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Photographer: Mike Rolls

Dumile and Tivamile Dlamini are sisters from the Kingdom of Swaziland and are currently residing in Taipei, Taiwan. Along with their brother, the sisters cofounded and are designers for LIHIYA, which means covering. Lihiya is an initiative to help craftsman and women from the Kingdom of Swaziland and other rural areas globally, generate income through Co-Design projects for fashion and product design.

Our design aesthetic is blending traditional textiles with modern design to create products that are unique, have function, and tell stories of the people in rural areas in different parts of the world. Lihiya is a “cross cultural ambassador” that seeks to connect our customer’s urban lifestyle to the rest of the world. LIHIYA has worked on design projects with indigenous people of Republic of China Taiwan, Tibet, the Hakka people of Taiwan Ping Tung and textiles from the Kingdom of Swaziland. Our mission statement is to “Speak for those who cannot speak for themselves”.