Sa4á Designs

Sa4á, the middle name of the designer, Abena Safoa Amoako Gyimah, literally means the Key. Sa4á represents her passion to design and endorse the movement of opening the world to what Africa, as a whole, has to offer when it comes to using African wax print to create modern designs and differentiate designers in the international fashion industry. Safoa uses the patchwork technique in a unique way, taking the print-on-print trend and also infusing print in a mix of other fabrics, leather, beads, etc. The line includes handbags, clutches, slippers, heels, turbans and other accessories. Sa4á products are “crafted by hand, and fired by imagination,” with their own identities and stories. Safoa maintains a strong base of communication with her customers that keeps the brand growing and stands by these three important concepts: creativity, imagination and expression. In order to stand out, one must be able to design something that is novel, be able to think outside the box and not be conformed by what others think or do, therefore creating something from their imagination that expresses who they are as an individual. Sa4á received the ‘Chivas Luxury Man Design’ of the Year at the 2012 Glitz Africa Fashion Week, as well as other awards.