Strictly Women is a high end fashion brand exclusively for women. My target audience varies from young upcoming - to established and succesfull businesswomen. 

VanElse as brand started as a dream in 2012. 

After a succesfull career as CEO of different organizations I decided to quit my job And follow my dream; being a designer- a dream I had when I was just a little girl - creating the most beautiful garments for all types of Women all over the World. Bringing out the innerbeauty of every woman. A beauty which lies hidden in each and every Women. 

My slogan: "VanElse, It's not just Fashion Design, it's a piece of Art"

Officially this Spring Summer Collection 2016 will be my first real Collection. I didn't choose for the appropriate channels. By showcasing at Africa Fashion Week London 2015 I want to share with the World my passion for Colours by the African fabrics I use in my designs. 


Photographer: Mike Rolls